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Getting A New Indane Gas Connection :

To get a new indane gas connection, an individual can visit any of the nearest Indane distribution centers and apply for a new connection. A new indane gas connection can also be applied through online by visiting Indane’s website page “”. According to the indane gas connection rules, photo copies of following can be submitted 

  •  Aadhaar Number (Copy of Aadhaar Letter) (included in the latest indane gas connection rules)
  •  Copy of house lease agreement / rent receipt
  •  Copy of Ration Card
  •  Copy of Passport
  •  Copy of telephone bill/any other utility bill
  •  Self declaration attested by Gazetted officer.

Doing An Indane Gas Connection Transfer :

Indane Gas Connection Transfer Within City : A subscriber has to take the following steps -

  • Visit his existing distribution center and obtain e-Customer Transfer Advise (e-CTA) code.
  • Submit this code to the new distribution center who will then register the subscriber in the new area.

Indane Gas Connection Transfer to Other City : A subscriber has to take the following steps :

  • Get a Termination Voucher (TV) from the existing distributor by surrendering cylinder/regulators and other equipments. The subscriber will be refunded back the amount mentioned in the subscription voucher (SV). The validity of Termination Voucher is 1 year. It is important to note that consumer should not surrender his Domestic Gas Consumer Card as it will be needed to register himself at the new location.
  • Produce the Termination Voucher at the new distribution center and have new subscription voucher (SV) issued in his name. The new SV should be retained safely.

Generally, a subscriber does not have to face much hassle in an Indane gas connection transfer. However, it is important to produce relevant documents to the concerned authorities.

Indane Gas Connection Rules for Connection and Transfer :

The indane gas connection rules for a new indane gas connection or an indane gas connection transfer have been made keeping in mind the convenience of common public. Some of the indane gas connection rules are

  • Only 14.2 kg cylinder is allowed for domestic purpose. For commercial activities, only 19 kg cylinder should be used.
  • Only one connection is allowed per family.
  • Domestic LPG cylinders cannot be given to a third party.  

Violation of any of the rules for indane gas connection can lead to persecution by law.

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