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When one moves from one place to the other, the Gas connection has to  be shifted for which the following options are available:

If The Movement Is Within The Same Distributor's Area Of Operation

In this case all one has to do is to inform the Distributer in writing, with the change of address supported by proper proof.

If The Movement Is Within The Same Town But In A Different Distributor’s Area

Where gas connection shifting is within the same town but in a different area involving a different distributor, the consumer should first go to one’s present distributer  taking the original subscription voucher. The present distributor will take it and prepare a transfer termination voucher called TTV mentioning the new place the gas connection is needed. Then the consumer has to go to the Indane Gas Distributor of the new area and give this TTV. The new distributor will accept it, along with the Proof of residence in the new area and DGCC booklet. The new distributor will then prepare a TSV which is Transfer Subscription Voucher, creating a new consumer number, which will go to the Indian Oil Corporation’s Gas distribution system records. Thereafter, the consumer has to register the Connection with the help of a Mobile phone, which will be recognised with every Cylinder requisition.

When gas connection is within the Same town, surrendering the Gas cylinder and getting the deposit refund is not necessary.

Where The Movement Is Out Of Town And To A New Location

The procedure is the same as that of shifting the connection to a new distributor in the same town, except for the requirement of handing over the cylinder to the existing distributor and obtaining the deposit amount back. A new deposit, which will be the same amount – the revised rates not influencing the existing consumer’s status –has to be remitted to the new distributor.

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